Our story: How we left our 9 to 5 and took Mixudio full time

Or, How we stepped off the boat

We’ve had people asking us how we’ve gotten to this point in our business journey, so we thought it was about time we opened up and shared our story with you.

Strap yourself in, it’s not your typical success story, and it hasn’t ended yet!

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Our seed season

Years before we even met, the beginning seeds of Mixudio were planted, not that we knew it back then.


I still remember that night at youth back when I was 12, a youth pastor prayed over me. Among the things he said, was specifically “your business will be blessed”. I had no idea what I wanted to be “when I grew up”, and had never considered my own business, but I stored those words in my heart, not knowing how they would eventuate.


In the mid 90s, before I’d even thought about touching a mixing console, I clearly remember listening to the weekly Top20 countdown on the local Christian radio station. One of them I clearly didn’t rate as being in the top 20, so I flicked over to one of the mainstream stations instead. I quickly noticed the “secular" music sounded way better then what I had just being listening to. A few more songs and channel switches later, I noticed the trend continued. Then and there the passion for Christian artists to have the best sounding music came, and it never left.

Our season of beginnings

"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin." Zechariah 4:10

Fast forward a few years… We met, dated and got married, that’s the very short story.

The dream to have a mixing business formed and grew from those early seeds, combined with the fact we wanted to be home and present for our kids (that we’d have one day).

That “one day” turned into a surprise but welcome pregnancy 1.5 months into marriage! The birth of our son set the wheels into motion. At the end of Liz's maternity leave she resigned from her job.

Mixudio was officially registered in March 2016!

Liz worked to build the business around parenting and everything else, and Timo did what he could outside of work hours, which weren't many!

We had a few clients, but it was a slow start. As new businesses usually are.

Our season of agitation

It was June 2018.

We’d been trying to get Mixudio off the ground for over 2 years. Our financial situation was getting worse, life was feeling “off”, we were feeling more and more frustrated and agitated. Something wasn’t right.

From towards the end of 2017, we’d been feeling that Timo’s time at his current job was up. But we’d stuck it out because it was the “wise” thing to do - build up the business and then quit the day job…. right?!

But the worse things got, the more certain words of knowledge and Scriptures and whispers (which later turned into shouts) all pointed to the fact that God was leading us to “step off the boat”.

Confirmations upon confirmations until one night, a respected prophet friend of ours singled Timo out and said “I see you stepping off the boat!”

We finally realised that what we thought was “wisdom” was actually disobedience and lack of trust in disguise.

We probably had enough savings to last us 2 weeks after resigning, but we knew what we had to do. Timo put his resignation in the following week, which was in early July 2018.

Our pre-launch season

When you launch a business full-time, conventional business and marketing strategy dictates that you ramp up your advertising efforts. But that wasn’t how it would work out.

A close family member passed away unexpectedly mid July, so our launch was put aside to be present for family and memorial arrangements.

During this time, God told us specifically “don’t worry about anything, just grieve.” So grieve we did.

Our full time season - just kidding - the family season

August 1, 2018 was the first official day of Mixudio full time. We woke up not knowing what to expect that day, but as we checked our phones, a significant (to us) payment that we weren’t really expecting to come through, came into our accounts.

The reality is that we went into the full-time world in debt and with very little money. Within the first week we were debt free and had a buffer. There was no way we could have planned for or expected this.

We welcomed our daughter a month later (yes, we were pregnant!) and while we were grateful for our government’s fantastic parental leave, the downside was Liz couldn’t touch the business at all.

It was frustrating (on the business side), but a necessary season as we adjusted to the world of 2 kids.

We continued learning to trust that God’s grace and kindness is more than enough to carry us through each season, and to embrace the season rather than fight it.

Our current season

Liz’s maternity leave ended towards the beginning of this year (2019), and we began our current season of finding a flow between work and family.

Timo did an overhaul of the studio’s acoustic treatment, so our room and mixes are sounding better than ever.

Being honest, we haven’t had as many projects come through as expected this year so far.

But we’ve always had enough for rent and food on the table. God is faithful.

It hasn’t been easy, it’s been quite tough, but we have more peace now than we did a year ago when we were putting more trust in a 9-5 job than in God.

The vision ahead

The vision - seeing Christians as industry leaders - is bigger than us, and not just for us.

It’s for the producers we partner with and the artists whose music will impact the world. It’s for every single person whose ears will hear the Gospel presented in a new way, with truth and love.

It’s for our local church and the ministries it supports.

It’s for the people we will hire and outsource to as our business grows.

It’s all for Jesus.

We are ready and excited to see what God will do next.

Over to you

What inspired or challenged you most from reading our story? Tell us below, we’d love to know, and pray for you if you need!

Do you know someone who needs to hear this or is going through their own season? Please share it with them!

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