Why the world needs crossover artists

And Jesus on the radio

Imagine with me for a moment.

You’re in a really tough season in your life and you’re at your local kebab shop in your lunch break, feeling hopeless, stressed and lost.

You weren’t really paying attention to the radio instore, but suddenly these lyrics jump out at you: "You have every failure God, and You'll have every victory.”

What does that even mean? The song intrigues you and you feel strange, like there’s a glimmer of light and peace in those gwords but you’re not sure why. You head back to work, wondering about this moment.

You can’t shake it - it sticks with you, forming part of a sequence of micro events that keep compounding and pointing to the existence of Someone you hadn't considered before. One day you ask your Christian friend about Jesus, who then invites you to their local church. Imagine how this story ends (or starts!)

This is reality

Now, what if I told you. The actual person and situation is hypothetical, but the kebab shop and the lyrics are based on real life.

I was taking the kids for a walk one afternoon a few weeks ago. As we went past our local kebab shop, I heard Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” playing on the radio. I was so excited I had to take this awkward photo...

Yep, it was awkward and there was a guy looking at me weirdly but I took it anyway!

Lauren will never truly know the extent of the reach of Jesus’ love through her music, and how many are pondering the meaning behind the words she sings.

If you're anything like me, this is so exciting and inspiring! It spurs me on to do what we do!

Christians in the music industry

THIS guys is why we need Christians on mainstream radio. THIS is why we’re on mission to make music sound so good that it can be clearly heard and cuts through the noise, regardless of whether it’s played on state of the art monitors or a consumer bluetooth player.

This can’t happen without Jesus. First and foremost, it’s all Him hey.

It’s also about partnering together to release each other’s unique, God-given and diligently stewarded gifts and skills.

Over the years and the journey we’ve been on, we’ve learned what He’s graced us to do (and also what we’re not, which is just as important!)

For us, we know we hear differently and mix songs with punch, clarity and excellence. Mixing is not a technical exercise for us. It's feeling where the song needs to go and which voices/instruments need to cut through in different sections to bring out and enhance the anointing, the emotion, the story, and take the listener on the journey the song intended.

What are your gifts, your “grace zone"? What’s one thing you can do today (or let go of) to hone your skills or move your music or business forward?

Over to you

Did this inspire you? Tell us how, we’d love to know.

Please share with someone else and inspire them too.

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