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Timo and Liz Hyvarinen

Multitrack prep

  • Name each audio file clearly (eg. Lead Vox, BV 1, Kick Sub etc.).

  • Audio files must start from the start point of the song.

  • Make sure files do not clip.

  • Remove all effects and processing plugins before printing. If there is an effect you want included, please provide two versions: one with effects and one dry.

  • All files must be WAV or AIFF files. Any midi tracks will need to be printed.

  • Files must be 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96Khz and have 16, 24 or 32bit depth.

  • Create a separate zipped file for each song, clearly labeled with song title (and track #, if known).

We also need

  • The vision for the album/song:

    • What's the story you're telling?

    • What journey are you taking the listener on?

    • What do you want them to feel?

  • A rough mix of each song (this can be included in the zipped file).

  • References (if any) - Spotify links are perfect for this.

  • The tempo of each song.

Sending your files

  • Please send everything to us at least 2 business days before the mix start date (unless we've made other arrangements).

  • Upload files using the unique link we’ll send you. 

  • For everything else, email us at MIX@MIXUDIO.COM.

Note: You don't need a Dropbox account for uploading, but feel free to sign up using our REFERRAL LINK to get an extra 500MB of storage (we get extra storage too).

Last updated: 7 February 2020

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